Saturday, August 26, 2017

2017 Summer Product Reveals: Part 9

Alexander Carabitses

Another week has gone by and there are more new products to report on, with a handful being the first batch of Frankfurt previews that we will be bombarded with for the next few weeks.
(Image credited to BMW)
(Image credited to Ferrari)

2018 Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta: Although I covered the debuts of Monterey Car Week last week, this was a  late breaking debut that I did not get to cover. As you can see in the photo below, the changes to this car are purely cosmetic, with the biggest change being a shorter windshield.  Pagani claims that this will be the final Zonda to ever be produced; we'll just have to wait and see.
(Image credited to Pagani)

2018 Nissan Frontier, Titan/Titan XD Midnight Editions: Revealed on the same day as the solar eclipse that took place on the 21st of the month, These pickup trucks feature the classic black-out look that I love about as much as coach-class airplane food.
(Image credited to Nissan)

2018 Cadillac CTS V Glacier Metallic Edition:  Only 115 examples of this special edition Cadillac will be produced to celebrate the brand's 115th anniversary. The only major change is the Glacier Metallic paint, which means that the car will now cost $103,885 (including destination).
(Image credited to Cadillac)

2018 Cadillac XT5 Hybrid: Shown at the Chengdu Auto Show, this vehicle pairs the XT5's base 2.0 liter engine with a lithium-ion battery that returns 29.77 MPG (over 2.5 MPG better than before).  The car also features regenerative braking and a 9-speed automatic transmission.  Pricing should start at the US equivalent of $72,000, although there's no confirmation that this vehicle will be sold in the US.
(Image credited to Cadillac)

2018 Acura TLX-L: Also revealed at Chengdu, this is the production version of the TLX-L "Concept" that was shown in Shanghai back in April.  Not only does the production version look identical to the concept, but besides and increase in rear seat legroom (a 4.9 inch increase), this China-exclusive model is identical to the standard car.
(Image credited to Acura)

2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel 65 10-Year Limited Edition: I am sad to report that Mercedes-Benz has hit a new low, one that is so much worse than the launch of the X-Class pickup truck and quite possibly as deep as the Earth's core.  Mercedes has just decided to launch what is essentially a special edition version of a Sprinter minibus (i.e a commercial vehicle).  This is so pointless, I'm not even going to delve into details, but if you must know, only fifty are being produced.
(Image credited to Mercedes-Benz)

2018 Volkswagen California XXL Concept: Volkswagen sells cargo vans in Europe, but also offers camper van variants of these cargo haulers.  The California XXL is the latest of this breed and features all of the amenities that one would expect from an American RV, albeit in a smaller package.  Although this is still a concept, don't be surprised if it shows up in European showrooms in the not-too-distant future.
(Image credited to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles)

2018 Golf Sportsvan:  Yes, there is an MPV version of the Golf on sale in Europe, and no, the US will never get it.  None the less, this new model will feature some exterior and interior styling revisions, while five new powertrains are also on offer, two of which are TDI engines. For those who can actually buy one, expect the order books to open up this fall after the car debuts in Frankfurt next month.
(Image credited to Volkswagen)

2018 Volkswagen T-Roc: If you want proof that Volkswagen is still completely out of touch with US customers, it has just announced that its new subcompact crossover, the T-Roc, will not go on sale in the US. Keep in mind that this is a booming segment in the US market and that every other mainstream brand now offers a vehicle in this segment.  None the less, European buyers will be able to purchase this product in November, with the vehicle also set to be offered in China.  It will be offered with a number of turbocharged and diesel power plants, along with a lot of safety features and a nice design, both inside and out.
(Image credited to Volkswagen)

2018 BMW M5: BMW's new mid-range performance saloon is powered by a 4.4-liter M TwinPower Turbo V8 that produces 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque that allows for a 0-62 mph time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph; the car will go up to 189 mph if a person opts for the M Driver's Package.  Power will be sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic.  Despite the new drivetrain, the car weighs less that before, and thanks to the various drive modes, the two front wheels can essentially be disconnected, making this a RWD car.  The exterior design is unfortunately too conservative for a 600 horsepower car, but the interior is still a nice place to be (so long as one chooses a color that isn't black) and the M multifunctional front seats are all new.  Prices for the car start at 117,900 euros and the cost escalates by an additional 19,500 euros for those who purchase the M5 First Edition (pictured above everything else) that features unique paint and trim, while being limited to 400 units. Order books open this fall and sales begin in the spring.
(Image credited to BMW)
2018 Maserati Ghibli Granlusso: Maserati has tweaked the name of its entry level midsize luxury sedan after pulling the wraps off of it in China.  While the powertrains carry over from before, both the front and rear fascias have been slightly tweaked in order to keep the vehicle looking fresh.  The car is also said to feature many new driver assistance systems, although Maserati didn't actually specify what that would entail.  Maserati was also mum on the pricing, although the vehicle does go on sale in September.
(Image credited to Maserati)

2018 Ferrari Portofino: I, along with many others, have been waiting for this day for a long time, and at last it has finally happened: the Ferrari California T is dead.  Ferrari has just revealed its Frankfurt Auto Show bound replacement for what can easily be described as one of the most disappointing Ferraris in recent history, and the car is called Portofino. If the name sounds familiar, that is because it was used by the Chrysler Corporation for their cab-foreward concept car of the 1990s; the irony is that the two brands became corporately linked until Ferrari split from FCA in early 2016.  At any rate, this car looks beautiful.  Granted, it wouldn't be hard for Ferrari to style a car that looks better than the California, but the company has gone above and beyond, by turning it into one of the best looking Ferraris in recent memory.  The interior is also far more refined and stylish than before, with a new touchscreen replacing the California's dated infotainment unit.  Powering the Portofino is Ferrari's 3.9 liter twin-turbo V8 which makes 590 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, while featuring a 0-62 mph time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 320 km/h. Other mechanical modifications include electric power steering, an electronic rear differential, improved dampers, variable boost management (a system that adjusts torque between gears), a new exhaust system, and an all-aluminum chassis. Additionally, turbo lag has been eliminated thanks to a one-piece cast exhaust header.  Information regarding availability should be announced in Frankfurt.
(Image credited to Ferrari)
That's all the news I have to share for now, but there's bound to be more coming.  Thanks for reading and have a good week.

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