Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 Summer Product Reveals: Part 5

Alexander Carabitses

This week, we only have a few product unveils, which should be more than enough to hold us over until the the Goodwood Festival of Speed kicks off next week.  Until then, enjoy the news.

2018 Kia Stonic:  Kia's new b-segment crossover bares an extremely stupid name.  However, if one is to put that aside, this is a very handsome vehicle, and I think it looks a hell of a lot better than its sister car, the Hyundai Kona.  Much like its sister car, the Stonic has a nice interior, a boatload of connectivity and driver assistant systems, as well as a range of fuel efficient engines.  Expect for the car to go on sale in Europe in the third quarter of the year.  Although it is still unknown when this will go on sale in the US, its arrival is pretty much a certainty.
(Image credited to Kia)

Skoda Element Concept: Designed by a group of students working at the Skoda vocational school, this one-off project car is based on the Citigo microcar.  The car is supposed to look like a beach buggy, and overall, I think it looks pretty cool.  On a side note, Skoda plans to phase out the Citigo when its sister car,  the VW Up!, is redesigned in the next few years.  The decision was made due to Skoda's desire to pursue the development of more crossovers.
(Image credited to Skoda)
2018 Peugeot Pick Up: Peugeot apparently used to make a pickup truck (based on the 207 hatchback), but discontinued it a few years ago.  However, PSA has just launched this new pickup truck for the African market.  Based on a Chinese pickup truck that nobody outside of that market is aware of, the vehicle will feature a turbo-diesel engine and two drive modes when it goes on sale in September.
(Image credited to Peugeot)

2018 Toyota Aqua:  While the Prius C received a tweaked lower fascia for the upcoming model year, its Japanese equivalent receives a new front end, along with crossover variant.  Both the interior and powertrain remain virtually unchanged, save for some new trim and a TFT display on the instrument cluster.
(Image credited to Toyota)

2018 Cadillac XTS: Newsflash folks, the Cadillac XTS still exists and it has just been given a substantial refresh for the model year 2018.  Both the front and rear ends have been considerably updated so that they look more like the CT6 and XT5, while the interior features new trim. Cadillac has upgraded the suspension to make the ride more comfortable, while also adding a 410 horsepower, twin-turbo V6 powered V-Sport Platinum model to satisfy enthusiasts.  Expect for the car to go on sale at some point before the end of the year.
(Image credited to Cadillac)
That wraps up this week's allotment of product news. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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