Monday, February 6, 2017

My Take On the Automotive Commercials of Super Bowl LI

Alexander Carabitses

Super Bowl LI was entertaining for sure, particularly the fourth quarter which saw the New England Patriots rally back to win their fifth straight title.  Aside from the game itself, a lot took place in the form of automotive commercials, all of which I want to give my opinion on.

I'll start with Audi, which used the game as a platform for their new "Drive for progress" initiative. I admit, it is great to see that Audi is taking this initiative, and this game was probably the best place for them to have announced this news.  However, I still wish politics and social issues could have stayed out of the game, and that request goes for a number of companies.
(Video is the property of Audi)

Mercedes-Benz looked as if they scrambled something together at the last minute, with an ad that was neither memorable or relevant.  I hate to say it, but the same must be said for Hyundai's ad.  Why?  Well first off, other car companies were broadening their business by showing their new products, while Hyundai decided to show us how patriotic they are.  Respect for soldiers is fine, but for the love of God, show us a product or have some sort of separate commercial.  On the other end of the spectrum, Honda gave us a memorable commercial that completely overshadowed the vehicle they were trying to promote.  However, it was still very entertaining and the message was motivational.

(Property of Mercedes-Bnez, Hyundai, and Honda)

Kia did a nice job producing a humorous ad, and from what I've read, it garnered a lot of traction for the brand. The same can be said for Lexus, which showed two of its most expensive models to generate excitement. I must say, however, that their new slogan is going to be an unmitigated disaster; they should have stuck with The relentless pursuit of perfection.  Buick's commercial was outright dumb, and overkill of what was initially a great ad campaign that worked wonders for the brand.  In the end, this is further proof that marketing isn't GM's strong suite.
(Property of Kia, Lexus, and Buick)

Ford's commercial will probably go down as one of the most informative in the history of the auto industry.  Let's face it folks, the general public doesn't have a clue about Ford's mobility and autonomous vehicle efforts, so having a commercial like this was a great way to bring them up to speed.  There are also some humorous bits, few of which made any sense, but were certainly there to grab attention among all else.
(Property of Ford)

Finally, we have FCA, which promoted the hell out of Alfa Romeo, choosing to feature the brand during the halftime report and air three commercials for the new Giulia, the best of which is the one that showcases various historical models.  Now, the vast majority of the country knows that Alfa Romeo is back and what the brand is all about.  Mission accomplished.
(Property of Alfa Romeo)

That's all for now.  I will have a post highlighting the major reveals from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show coming up this weekend.  In the meantime, thank you for reading and have a good week.

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