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2017 NAIAS Preview

Alexander Carabitses

Happy New Year!  To be quite honest, the end of the holiday season can be a real letdown for many, particularly after all of the anticipation that has taken place in the weeks prior.  However, for people who considers cars to be their hobby or passion, the end of the holiday season marks the start of the longest stretch within the auto show season. It starts off at CES and ends with one of the two Chinese auto shows (this year it will be Shanghai) or New York if you are a traditionalist.  Here is a list of the announced debuts.

Audi is expected to roll out the new A5/S5 Convertible, along with the Q8 concept, which previews an upcoming production car that will share the same name.  Judging from the teaser image, it looks to be an X6 competitor.
(Images credited to Audi)

BMW will show a mildly tweaked 6-series range, the 2018 5-series, and the X2 concept, which is debuting in the US for the first time.
(Images credited to BMW)

Chevrolet has announced that it will show the 2018 Traverse at the Detroit Auto Show.  There had been a few rumors that the new Corvette ZR1 would also debut, but GM said the car would not be showcased at the event.  Other rumors point to a preview of the reborn Chevy Blazer, but we'll have to wait and see.
(Image credited to Chevrolet)

Ford is expected to show the face-lifted 2018 F150 and Mustang, with the latter including the 2018 Shelby GT500.  This should be exciting.
(Image credited to
(Image credited to

Chinese automaker GAC will show three new concepts, dubbed the GE3, GS7, and Enspirit.  All of them are crossover, and so far, I am unaware if and when GAC will start selling cars in the US.
(Images credited to GAC)

Genesis will feature the G80 Sport on their stand, in black.  That's it.
(Image credited to Genesis)

GMC has announced plans to show the all-new 2018 Terrain, a vehicle which has worked wonders for the brand since its inception in 2009.
(Image credited to GMC)

Honda will show the redesign versioned of the Odyssey minivan for the 2018 model year.  Given the recent success of the Chrysler Pacifica, Honda cannot afford to mess this one up.
(Image credited to Honda)

Infiniti will show yet another crossover concept, this time dubbed the QX50 oncept.  This vehicle is a strong indicator of what the next QX50 will look like when it goes on sale within the next year to year and-a-half.  I'll judge the design when I see it in person.
(Image credited to Infiniti)

While Ford will hate Kia for using the name GT on their new luxury sedan, people have been waiting patiently for this car to reach production since it was first shown at the Frankfurt auto show in 2011.
(Image credited to Kia)

Lexus will bring the nauseating UX Concept to the US for the first time; I do recommend that anyone who goes to the show shouldn't look at the car too long because they might go blind.  However, the 2018 LS that will make its world debut  and will be worth look by all means.
(Image credited to Lexus)

Mercedes-Benz will show three new vehicles: the 2018 S-Class Coupe Night Edition, the 2018 GLA, and the 2018 E-Class Coupe.  I will save judgement on the new E-Class variant until I see it in the flesh, but given that it will offer a nice balance is design between the S-Class Coupe and C-Class Coupe, it should be promising.  A very mild facelift of the AMG lineup is also expected
(Images credited to Mercedes-Benz)

It is heavily rumored that the Nissan Qashqai will make its US debut for the first time, possibly using the Rouge Sport name.  I will have a detailed opinion of this strategy in the review post.
(Image credited to Nissan)

Subaru will have the tweaked 2018 WRX and WRX STI on the stand, but will not hold a press conference.  Besides new trim and a mild design tweak here and there, this is exactly the same as before.
(Image credited to Subaru)

The only new vehicle on the FCA stand will be the 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition.  Judging by the name and the mere existence of a stupid truck like this, I can only imagine that it was created out of guilt because FCA saved its big reveal for CES and won't have a press conference in Detroit.
(Image credited to Ram Trucks)

Perhaps the most important debut of the show will be the 2018 Toyota Camry.  I already have a feeling that most people who love cars, including myself, will hate it, but given how important this car is for Toyota, I have a feeling that they won't be playing around this time, especially with competition being as strong as it is.
(Image credited to Toyota)

The 2018 Volvo V90 wagon will finally make its North American debut in Detroit.
(Image credited to Volvo)

Volkswagon will show three new vehicles in Detroit, starting with the 2018 Atlas R-Line, which is nothing more that a trim package. In addition to this, the brand will showcase the 2018 Tiguan Allspace (the 7-passenger Tiguan that the US will receive) and a new ID electric concept, which yet again could resemble the microbus in some way.
(Images credited to Volkswagen)

So that's basically everything that will debut in Detroit.  Hopefully we see a surprise or two, but it is quite doubtful at this point in time.  The 2017 North American International Auto Show kicks off on January 9, 2017; I will hopefully have a review post up two weeks after that due to my academic schedule.  Until then, please be sure to read my CES review post, and of course have a great weekend.

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