Saturday, August 13, 2016

2016 Summer Product Unveils (Part 6)

Alexander Carabitses

As the summer roles on, automakers are continuing to reveal new models.  Some of these models are nothing more than new trim levels, while others are completely new.  This time around, we have two vehicles from Nissan that are unique, each in their own right, while we also have another car that is making it's return.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this post!

Nissan BladeGlider Concept:  Meant to be a cross between an eco-friendly vehicle and an immaculate sports car, this iteration of the BladeGlider Concept features a 268 horsepower 220kW lithium ion battery pack; torque vectoring is used to correct oversteer and three driving modes are available, one of which is a "drift mode".  In total, the car weighs 2,886 pounds, while the basic three seat layout and DeltaWing inspired shape carry over to this concept. Two versions of this car were presented in Rio when the Olympics first kicked off, and one of the two was used to give rides to the media and VIPs.
(Image credited to Nissan)

Nissan e-Bio Fuel-Cell Concept: Another noteworthy Nissan introduction, this modified NV200 can run on any type of fuel that one puts in it.  In addition, the van features a 24kWh battery pack that can allow the van to travel 373 miles on a single charge; the result is 100% emissions free driving.  It is important to note that Nissan feels that this vehicle will drive market growth, due to the fact that additional infrastructure will not need to be created.
(Image credited to Nissan)

2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Worker:  Because the base model, Sprinter Worker, has been a huge success, Mercedes has spread the Worker trim to the Metris.  To avoid going into a lot of detail, simply look at it as a back to basics, entry level van for fleet owners.  It won't be flashy, but it should hopefully get the job done when it goes on sale towards the end of the year in both passenger and cargo versions.  It will also be the cheapest Mercedes model sold in the US.
(Image credited to Mercedes-Benz)

2017 MAN TGE: In more cargo van news, MAN Trucks has taken the wraps off of their version of the new VW Crafter, and minus the badging and front grille, everything else is the same.
(Image credited to MAN Trucks)

Mitsubishi XM Concept: This concept is basically meant to preview a new MPV that the brand plans to launch fairly soon, with production of the vehicle set to commence in October 2017.  It's both unknown and unlikely that the US will receive this vehicle. 
(Image credited to Mitsubishi)

2017 Daihatsu Sigra:  Created for developing markets in southeast Asia, this new minivan is meant to haul as much as possible in a compact package, while also being ultra-affordable.  While the the van, itself, may look ridiculous, it will be sold in markets where buyers think differently and actually appreciate cars like this.
(Image credited to Daihatsu)
2018 Suzuki Ignis:  Although it originally debuted in Tokyo last fall, this new compact crossover is set to make its European debut at the Paris Auto Show next month, with sales beginning in early 2017.  Full specs have yet to be announced, although Suzuki has made it quite clear that this is a hybrid.
(Image credited to Suzuki)

2017 Smart ForTwo w/ Brabus Sport Package: While essentially a trim level, Brabus is equipping certain models with new visual and interior tweaks, because, as it turns out, we won't be receiving the full on Brabus version of this car.  That version features mechanical and engine upgrades, while the Sport Package does not. 
(Image credited to Smart)
(Image credited to Smart)

2017 Caterham Seven 310: Offering 152 horsepower at a price if only $33,093, this car is said to offer the ideal balance of power and agile handling, which has to be the most overused means of describing sports cars.  In reality this should be a blast to drive, due to its lack of heft.  I should also point out that this is Caterham's first car to feature LED headlights.  It isn't entirely clear whether or not this model will be sold through US Caterham dealers, but either way, the car is available for order now, with delivers beginning in early 2017.  
(Image credited to Caterham)

2017 Karma Revero: If you liked the Fisker Karma I have great's back! Now, the Chinese company that own this brand says that full details of the car will be announced on September 8 when the car debuts at Laguna Beach.  However, they have taken the liberty to tell us that the car has undergone a minor facelift, that the badges are painted by hand, it will cost a tad more than the old Karma, and that the solar panel roof can produce enough energy to power the car.
(Image credited to Karma Automotive)

That is all the recent product news that I'm able to share for now. Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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