Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer 2015 Product Launches Part VII and a Belated One Year Anniversary Party

Alexander Carabitses

Hi everyone! As I pepare for my two week vacation/getaway in Greece, which begins tomorrow, I just want to let my readers know that I will not be posting any updates for that span.  As many of you might already know, the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance begins on August 16, and it will feature two new unveils from BMW and a special debut from Lamborghini.  I will cover these and any other unveils from the event when I get back from my trip, but in the meantime I have one major debut worth covering.  Unfortunately, this vehicle won't be sold in the United States, which is ashamed because it is a body-on-frame off road SUV.  The vehicle I'm talking about is the 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.  It is based off the Triton/L200 pickup, also sold outside of North America, and features a TurboDiesel engine, a crap load of off road safety goodies, and a design that would be controversial if shown in the U.S.  I'd have to see this car in person to gauge my reaction to it, and that will never happen so I'm just going to say that it looks awful.
(Image credited to autoblog.com)

In other product news, Chevy unveiled two special edition Colorados: The 2016 Z71 Trail Boss Edition (originally shown in Cleveland) and the 2016 Midnight Edition.  The Midnight Edition is black inside and out, while the Trail Boss gets a special off road appearance package, and before anyone asks, yes, they will both be offered with the recently announced TurboDiesel.  I'm not sure if technically the Trail Boss is nothing more than a model year change over, but it certainly isn't being treated like one.
(Image credited to gmauthority.com)

Seeing as how I'm covering these two special edition models, I may as well also include a debut from earlier this spring that I neglected to include in the blog, because I thought of it as "pointless".  However, I am well aware that many enthusiast like special edition models, so here it is, the 2016 Chevrolet Impala Nightfall Edition.  This car is black inside and out, it looks like the car that Darth Vader would use to drive to work every morning, and it is on sale now.
(Image credited to autoblog.com)

Happy "Sort of" One year Anniversary!!!

So I am off by a little over a month, so what?  Seriously though, I can't believe I have been doing this for over a year.  Yeah, I know I had a long gap between my mini-van  editorial and my 2015 NAIAS preview, but I have been trying to prevent a large gap like that from happening again, as I balance my academic career, extra curricular activities, social life, and this blog.

Throughout the past year, I have had a lot of fun blogging on my favorite subject, the automotive industry.  For me, no other hobby or subject is as fruitful, enamoring, or exciting as this industry.  Although I have partly strayed from my original mission statement, mostly because I, myself, am still learning about the way the business works and don't want to provide false information, I have still posted plenty of editorials, which provide my opinion on certain topics, all of which are based on pure facts.  I am a product guy first and I have certainly covered as many new product launches as I possibly can this summer, as well as in the auto shows that I have covered.

Slowly, but surely the blog is growing.  As many of my loyal readers know, Car News Commentary does have a Facebook page now, and you can give the page a like, by clicking here.  I would personally like to thank all of my readers for making this blog possible, because although it may not look like it, this blog is growing.  I will hopefully be advertising it on Facebook in the not too distant future, and I am looking into buying a domain, in order to make this blog into an official website.  I love cars and I have a passion for them, and I simply want to share my passion and love for cars with as many people as I can.

To celebrate the belated one year anniversary of Car News Commentary, I have put together a photo gallery from Italian Car Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Included are photos from 2013, 2014, and 2015 simply because many of the cars are the same every year, so I tend to take less pictures as the years go on.  By the way, not all of the cars in this gallery are Italian, but they were all at the show and are still worth a look.

Anyway, thanks again for reading, as it is currently the best way to support the blog, don't forget to like the page on Facebook, and keep in mind, the best is yet to come.  Until I return from my trip, enjoy the pictures and have a good week!

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