Friday, August 1, 2014

Scion's Last Hope.

Alexander Carabitses

(Image credited to Toyota)

Toyota makes the best selling car in the country with the Camry.  They make what they claim is the best selling car in the world, the Corolla.  And they own Lexus, which made the incredible LFA super-car.  But they also make Scions.  

If you remember, Scion was Toyota's youth brand, which came about in 2002.  This brand was suppose to appeal to teenagers and college kids.  Just so everyone knows, I am 15 years old; I don't like Scions, and no one my age likes Scions.  And now Toyota has figured that out, so big changes are about to take place.

To start with, over half of the current Scion lineup is being killed off.  The XB is dead, replaced by a rebadged version of the Toyota Auris hatchback and Wagon sold over seas.  The XD is also dead, replaced by a new small sedan (possibly the Toyota Vios, also sold over seas).  Those two models will arrive next year.  A new crossover could arrive in 2017 as well.  This crossover should compete with the Jeep Renegade and Chevy Trax.  The TC will be redesigned in 2016, and the FRS will be redesigned in 2018.  The IQ is dead, and no one gives a crap about it. 

This new lineup seems more appealing than the Japanese econo boxes that the brand is selling right now.  But Scion as a brand still makes no sense.  The youth isn't into Scion the way they were supposed to.  What's also interesting is that every vehicle in their lineup is a rebadged version of a Toyota sold over seas.  The TC has a unique body to the U.S. , but it shares a platform with the Toyota Avensis (sold over seas).  If thats the case, why aren't these models sold as Toyotas in North America?  Most car companies have youth models within their lineups.  They don't create separate brands for them.  Maybe this is to prevent the Toyota lineup from getting to big.  I think its that, combined with bad marketing.

Either way, don't expect me to buy a Scion.  I'd rather buy a Subaru BRZ over a Scion FRS.  I'd rather be associated with the WRX crowd, because everyone knows that the Subaru WRX and WRX STI are cool.  With the FRS out of the picture, there isn't one Scion model that the youth, or I would consider.  Have a great weekend!

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