Monday, June 23, 2014

The Outlook on Cadillac's Future.

Alexander Carabitses

If you're a fan of the Cadillac brand, then you won't be happy to hear that sales are down on a lot of models (specifically the ATS and XTS).  Part of the problem is that GM's chief lobbyist is in Washington dealing with the recall fiasco.  So how does this affect Cadillac?  Well, GM's chief lobbyist, Bob Ferguson, is also head of the Cadillac brand. While you wrap your heads around that, I will also say that there are undoubtedly other reasons why sales are down, but lack of leadership is one of them.

Sticking with the subject of Cadillac, I must say how impressive their current lineup of products really is (despite the ELR being priced too high, of course).  And it will  only get better with the addition of a new small crossover slotted below the SRX, the ATS V sedan and coupe, the new CTS V, and the flagship LTS (which will compete head on with the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series). Later, the SRX will be redesigned, as will existing models, with some new additions.  When you look  at how far this brand, has come, it is unbelievable.  I know that some people think that Cadillac is in a good spot to just be Cadillac, and not worry about taking on the German luxury brands.  I say: WHY THE FREAKING HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT FOR?  That is exactly what got Cadillac in trouble in the first place.  While other luxury brands were making sporty luxury cars, Cadillac and Lincoln insisted on making poor quality, big behemoths.  Any small car from Cadillac was a disaster in the 1980s (and we all know which model I'm talking about).  If Cadillac goes back to being old school Cadillac, it won't end well for the brand, despite the fact that their current lineup is competitive size wise.  It will take a bit more time, but if Cadillac sticks to their original plans, they will be prosperous in the long run, in both the US and China. 

Now, while all of these upcoming products are exciting, you have to remember one thing: out of all of the upcoming new Cadillac models, only the small crossover will be a volume seller, along with the SRX, of course.  The LTS and the V Series are pretty much halo models.  All of Cadillac's volume products are already available for sale, and aren't selling well as of late.  So my question is, "Where does this leave Cadillac?"  Will a new brand chief heal all wounds, or will it take something else?  No doubt this will be interesting to watch in the coming months.  Feel free to leave your opinions in the "comments" section below, and have a good week.

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