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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles 5 Year Product Plan Arrives!

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This is old news, but it's big news; its the Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) five year product plan! Every brand in the FCA empire is to see new and exciting product introductions within the next five years.  Here is the list brand-by-brand:


(The mainstream brand)     2014: 200 sedan, 300 refresh
                                           2015: No new Product
                                           2016: 100 compact sedan, Town & Country/T&C PHEV redesign
                                           2017: 200 refresh, full-size crossover/ PHEV
                                           2018: 300 redesign, mid-size crossover


SRT will be merged back into Dodge completely.  This year will see the debut of the refreshed Charger and Challenger SRT.  The Challenger gets the new "Hellcat" engine.  The Chrysler 300 SRT gets killed off, and potentially the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will suffer the same fate, despite its popularity. The Viper is once again a Dodge.


(The performance brand)  2014: charger and Challenger refreshes, along with SRT counterparts
                                          2015: Viper refresh
                                          2016: Dart redesign/Dart SRT4, Journey replacement/SRT version
                                          2017: Durango refresh
                                          2018: B-segment sedan/hatchback, Charger/SRT, Challenger/SRT redesign
The Avenger is killed off in 2014.  The Grand Caravan is killed off in 2016, but the name could be used for the Journey replacement.

(The truck and commercial vehicle brand)   2014: Ram 1500 and Promaster diesels, Promaster City             
                                                                     2015: Ram 1500 minor refresh
                                                                     2016: Ram 2500/3500/Chassis Cab minor refresh 
                                                                     2017: Ram 1500 major refresh/redesign
                                                                     2018: Ram 2500/3500/Chassis Cab major refresh/redesign


(Off road vehicle brand) 2014: Renegade B-SUV
                                       2015: Grand Cherokee minor refresh
                                       2016: Compass/Patriot die... new C-SUV, Cherokee refresh
                                       2017: Renegade refresh, Grand Cherokee redesign, Wrangler redesign
                                       2018: Grand Wagoneer introduction


(Entry level brand)    No clear time table was given, but the 500x crossover will arrive soon, as will a "specialty" vehicle, probably the result of the Mazda/Fiat collaboration 

Fiat Professional

(Fiat commercial vehicles sold outside of the U.S.) 2014: Strada sub-compact pickup redesign, Ducato      full size cargo van redesign 
                                                                                2015: Doblo compact cargo van redesign
                                                                                2016: Fiorino sub-compact cargo van redesign, Mid-size pickup introduction, Scudo mid-size cargo van is killed off        
                                                                                2017-18: No new launches


Alfa Romeo

(Rear wheel drive performance brand) 2014: 4c/4c Spyder
                                                             2015: Midsize sedan
                                                             2016-18: 2 compact cars to replace the Giulietta, another midsize car, a full size car, 2 crossovers, and one specialty vehicle 


(Luxury brand)  2014: No new product launches.  The Ghibli does go on sale
                          2015: Levante crossover
                          2016: Alfieri Coupe
                          2017: Alfieri Cabrio
                          2018: Granturismo replacement (expect the Grancabrio replacement in 2019)


(Exotic car brand) Expect a new 1 debut or major refresh of each model per year, for the next 5 years.

So there you have it, the complete list of new FCA models. This is an exciting, list of products, but it does seem very bold, and it is unlikely that all of these vehicles will arrive on schedule.  Leave a comment below to voice you opinion on the list of vehicles listed above, or if you feel the company should have considered adding another vehicle.  Feel free to follow this blog as well, and have a good week. 

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